About Teta

Teta in meditation.

“You’re never sorry you went to yoga class” says one friend. So true. I just love yoga. I love how I feel doing yoga, and I love how I feel afterward.

Doing laughter yoga.
Teta in Ardha Chandrasana

In 2006 I broke my back. After the bones healed, I was left with constant, low grade pain and movement restrictions. For 2 to 3 years I coped with pain. I had little money with which to work, and I declined to use drugs.

Before 2006, I had been a once-in-a-while yoga student for decades, making it to a class every 2-4 weeks. I went to the gentlest class I could find because I had never been especially flexible, even as a youth, and I was not attracted to athletic competition.

I had always noticed that I felt great after a yoga class. My teacher, Scott Willis, was super affirming of students’ honoring their own bodies, so I knew I could go back to yoga and do it very gently. After I was cleared by the physical therapist, I started going to class weekly. I felt great for a couple days after class, so then I went twice a week. Then I tried to squeeze in three times a week, and when I did, I felt great all week.

Yoga has helped me be calmer, stronger, more flexible, more focused, and with better balance. And when I came to yoga, I badly needed all of that.

Now, with years of practice behind me, I’m in better shape than I was prior to my injury. And I still understand what it means to work with our own limitations.

Yoga Alliance Credentialed Teacher

Long story short, in 2011 I earned my 200-hour teaching certificate through Scott Willis’ teacher training program in Hits the Spot Yoga®, and in 2016, I earned my advanced teaching certificate, with a total of 500 training hours. I’ve been teaching since 2011.

I bring to my teaching the compassion and trust that has served me in my own yoga journey. My students are sometimes people who are curious about yoga but are shy about it. Like I was. Some students have discovered already how good they feel when they do yoga, and they like the camaraderie of my classes where we learn together and share ideas.

Teta's class

I teach three levels of classes: Real BeginnersGentle Flow, and Intermediate. Real Beginners is for the curious-but-shy, and it is a truly gentle and respectful introduction to yoga. Gentle Flow is for those with some yoga experience but who still prefer a slow-paced, gentle class. Intermediate is for anyone familiar with the names of the poses, who can move quickly into the poses with the class, who take care of themselves with props to make the poses comfortable, and enjoy a thorough warm-up in addition to strengthening poses.   More about classes…

Teta as Potter

More About Teta

I was born in 1958, grew up in Connecticut, and have lived in the Brattleboro area since 1978. In addition to being both a yoga teacher and student, I’m a potter, an administrator, an Airbnb host, a mother and mother-in-law, a Marlboro College alumna, a community organizer, a musician, and a sometimes-writer. I live in Brattleboro with my husband, Steve Procter, who is also a potter.

In case you are wondering, “Teta” is a made-up nickname from sixth grade that stuck. It rhymes with Rita.